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Womens Health - Risks and Signs of Diabetes | Gestational


Womens Health - Risks and Signs of Diabetes | Gestational
Diabetes: A shocking stats report from WHO states that "More than 350 million people have diabetes in the world which includes 13 million women”. WHO also warns that women at the age of 20 have high diabetes and prediabetes cautions more than adults, because of their changing lifestyle and food habits.
The pancreas is the organ which produces insulin, will flow to the blood and boost up the energy of the cells in the body. When pancreas reduced or completely stops the secretion of insulin, diabetes will cause in the body. Fast Fact: Prediabetes is the high blood sugar level more than the normal range. They have more possibility than others!

Diabetes type 2 is a condition in which insulin production in your body is reduced or insensitivity to insulin which leads to increase in blood sugar level and diabetes. Diabetes type 1 is caused when the insulin secretion is completely stopped. Women and men affected by diabetes are equal in numbers but the risk factor of women little higher and hard when compared to men. The normal blood sugar range for women is 110mg/dL.
Risk factors for women’s diabetes Obesity: Excess body weight for women, especially belly fat will have more risk of causing diabetes type 2. Around 40% women affected by obesity are also suffering from diabetes. Gestational diabetes: Diabetes during pregnancy would affect the mother and baby. It would affect the birth of bay with some defects. Diabetes for women during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. During pregnancy, the women should undergo proper food diet to avoid gestational diabetes.Excess baby weight during pregnancy may also lead to Type 2 diabetes. For Eg., more than 9 LBS of the baby weight will the high risk of having diabetes type 2. Women who have diabetes during pregnancy will get a chance to have type 2 diabetes again in future 4 to 5 years. Menopause : Usually, women will attain menopause between the age of 45 – 50. After the menopause the risks of getting type 2 diabetes is high. Because of the sudden metabolic changes in women body, insulin secretion from pancreas gets low.
Genetic predisposition: Diabetes will cause if your father or mother or earlier generation having diabetes. It won't be a cure but it can be controlled by taking supplements or medicines.

Viral infection or disease: Some researchers believe that Viral infection like diseases or illness may cause type 1 diabetes and often develops during 1st year of childhood. High blood pressure and cardiac diseases: High blood pressure rate increases the risk of having heart diseases. The normal blood pressure rate for women is 120/80. If it exceeds 140/90 or above cause cardiac diseases and type 2 diabetes in women. Women who have heart disease may also get affect by type 2 diabetes
Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS: PCOS is a hormonal change in women. It causes irregular menstrual cycle tends to affect reproductive nature of women which shows the risk of having type 2 diabetes.
Signs of diabetes in women: Vaginal dryness: Blood sugar level increase in the blood will produce yeast infections in the vagina which shows signs of diabetes in women as redness around the vagina, excess vaginal discharge, itching in the vagina. Common symptoms of high blood sugar in women are bacteria in their urine. Painful sexual intercourse: High blood sugar level will lose the sensation of body parts, it the sensation of nerves in the vagina during sexual intercourse which makes the poor sexual drive in women. Urinary tract infection (UTI) UTI infection causes when blood sugar level increased which will excrete through the tract of urine. High blood glucose level will reduce the process of the immune system to fight against bacterial and fungal. Signs of diabetes in women for urinary tract infection are burning urination, painful urination. Signs of diabetes in women over 50 have numbness in the feet which shows only for aged women

Differential of women’s diabetes on age: Adults (10 -20) years: Adults also having type 1 diabetes because of their eating disorders. About 60 percent of women having type 1 diabetes leads to diabetic eye problems if not taking proper treatment means it may lead upto blindness. Diabetes in young women is due to stress and current lifestyle. Some of the Signs of diabetes in young women are abdominal pain, frequent urination, tiredness, easy mood changes. Between (20 -45) years: One million women suffer from diabetes between 20 to 45. Women with type 1 diabetes have been for a long time which starts from childhood. Gestational diabetes is hard for women during pregnancy at the 25 to 35 years will affect the birth of the baby. Women who have gestational diabetes would have diabetes after few periods. Between (45-65) years: Women at the stage of 45 to 60 having more risk of having a heart attack, a stroke which increases the blood pressure tend to increase the risk of diabetes. Menopause also the sign of diabetes in women.

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