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Why women suffer from lower Libido?

low libido in women
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Why women suffer from lower Libido 

According to the survey of American Medical Association, 43 percent of women suffered sexual lack for one or other reason. 

Lower libido is the main reason for Women: 

  • It cause from many different problems. 
  • Low-stress life and rich nutrient diet will help you to overcome the most of the problems. Knowing about the problems can help you even further. Here is a list of the causes of low libido in women 

Long-Term Stress: 

If you're worried about anything in your life, so don't get the mood have mental peace and space to allow for sexual probe and thinking. You may not have the sexually low desire.It 


won't suit all the women's. But who suffers from the loss of libido, Stress is the most common reason. Stress affects you Physically and it decreases the secretion of important sex hormones like Estrogen. Healthy estrogen can only produce the female libido. 

Long-term stress affects you psychologically. When compare to men, women need to feel perfect to have a good sex. So if you worried about you daily problems, job stress, missing sleep are reasons for you suffer form lower libido. 


Menopause is the final cause and trickiest one to fix of decreased Libido for women. During menopause and after menopause, hormones production is very low. The ovaries themselves stop making hormones. So estrogen decreases in the female body and suffers to produce women's libido. The ovaries make testosterone and progesterone. Still testosterone also produced by the pituitary and adrenal glands, and progesterone levels necessary to be there, but not quite as much as estrogen, for a healthy . Estrogen is produced by fat cells, but it is not enough to make the hurtle hormone levels. 


Women who have PCOS, they have infrequent and prolonged periods or excess male hormone levels. The ovaries may make fluid (follicles) and fail to release the egg on the regular basis. Early diagnosis along with weight loss, it reduces the risk of long-term problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, acne, and infertility. 

Fast fact: PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects 15-20% of American women, and its cause of infertility in the united states. 


Hypothyroidism is a big problem for low libido. It stops the reproductive organs proper functions. There is two kind of primary hypothyroidism 


  • one is “simple” slow down. It happens because of less intake of crab,l excessive exercise or stress. This can be rectified by eating more (especially carbohydrates) and reducing stress. 
  • Another type is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, it causes abnormal immune response between the organs (autoimmune disease) and it can be overcome by taking thyroid hormone supplementation. 

Alcohol or Drug Use: 

Too much consumption of alcohol, it affects the nervous system and leads to fatigue, difficult to become aroused and decrease your sex drive as well. Drugs will suppress the ovary and pituitary glands, which produce the testosterone and progesterone. 

Birth control pills: 

Birth control pills may cause the serious problem for a lot a women's. Lack of libido is one of these many potential issues. Birth control pills or hormonal birth control pills contain high levels of artificial estrogen Sometimes taking pills helps balance women’s hormones... check the dosage with your physician 

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