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Top 10 Reasons for Insomnia and Tips for Better Sleep

Tips for Better Sleep

All are keep on saying that insomnia is a disease, But actually insomnia is a sleeping disorder. Due to stress so many people's lost their valuable golden nights! Not only stress, there are some other reasons also their to make our “Sweet dreams as Hell Dreams” . The reasons are listed below, if any one of the reasons strikes then kindly consult your nearby Doctor, its my care behalf of you!

The person who suffers from insomnia would not have sufficient sleep. Insomnia became a major problems in today's life,  Sleeping is the necessary thing to make us fit in physically and mentally after completed our daily work. A person should sleep 7 - 8 hours in the night to stay healthy and keep their mind fresh at morning. Insomnia can cause many health issues like obesity, cardiac diseases.

Fast Fact:  Nearly 40% of people in the U.S suffer from this sleeping disorder problems.

Types of Insomnia:

Insomnia generally, represents in two types are Acute and Chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia may affect our sleep for 1 night – 5 nights. But Chronic insomnia may affect our sleep regularly. There are many reasons for disturbed sleep. Some major Insomnia causes are listed below,

Causes of insomnia:

1. Stress:

Discomfort in their life like personal or emotional problems, work problems stubborn in their mind make more anxiety and stress which makes them get interrupted sleep throughout the night. Natural sleeping supplements are used to get away from stress and make deep sleep

2. Breathing problem:

Breathing problems like asthma can disturb your sleep at night because the insufficiency in taking of oxygen to the blood makes trouble in breathing. Snoring and un-pattern breathing process called sleep apnea. It also may lead to Insomnia.

3. Inflammation and Joint pain due to Arthritis:

Inflammation or injury in the body which makes pain at night will definitely disturbs the sleep. Especially, inflammation in the bones like arthritis and joint pain is one of the important reasons for sleepless nights. Herbal supplements or natural sleeping pills is the way help you to sleep well

4. Menopause and perimenopause:

After 40 Women would have expirience the menopause and the perimenopause. That time  the women will suffer lot of mood swings, this cause sleeping disturbance. The Other menopause problems like hot flashes, night sweats also interrupted the normal sleep and makes sleepless nights.

5. Heart disease:

For Aged persons Heart diseases and high blood pressure are the major reasons for Insomnia It would affect their body health and disrupts their sleep. They can take garlic supplement as a remedy to get releive.

6. Digestion problems:

Untime eating is another major defect in this digital world.  Eating without maintaining  time can cause indigestion, heartburning issues, constipation which troubles your peaceful sleep at night. It also disrupts the metabolism in the body leads to weight gain, burning sensation all are accompanied by a sleeping disorder.
Fast Fact: Melatonin is responsible for sleep cycle.It is responsible to maintaining  the schedule for sleeping.

7. Environment:

Not only the physical problems affect our sleep, surroundings also important to give deep and peaceful sleep. Pollutions like Noise pollution, Air pollution, cold or hot bedroom surely makes sleepless nights. For a change you can sleep in the good ventilated room to have uninterrupted sleep. 

8. Medications:

Medications for cold, allergies, high blood pressure may disrupt the sleep. It induces the number of awakenings at night which means you would have half sleep during the night. 

9. Alcohol:

Alcohol is sedative drug seems to give deep sleep at night but later half of the night will make interruption in sleep. It also leads to fatigue and liver failure!

10. Fluctuated blood sugar:

Eating more carbohydrates before bedtime makes your blood sugar level high and digestive problems suffocates you and your sleep. In case for diabetes, your body has insulin resistance then creates more breathing problems disturb sleep.

A general tip for how to sleep better:

  • Avoid seeing TV and use of electronic devices at night times
  • Keep doing exercise in morning with exposure to sunlight.
  • Try natural sleep aid as natural herbal supplements to have uninterrupted sleep and avoid major health problems.
  • Avoid eating more carbohydrates before going to bedtime
  • Avoid beverages and caffeinated drinks before bedtime.

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