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12 Problem of Women during Menopause

Top 12 Problem of Women during Menopause

12 Problem of Women during Menopause

Menopause problems:

Menopause is a natural hormone disorder which happens in a woman's body at the age of 45- 50 normally. Some women have experienced premenopausal problems at a very early stage due to premature ovarian failure and changing in lifestyle. During this menopause stage women would have faced many problems.

Fast Fact: Nearly 400 million women have menopause in the world and 40 million women have menopause in the U.S. 

Menopause problems in women:

At the stage of menopause women get many problems which would affect their usual life. Here are the main problems faced by the women are listed below,

1.Hot flashes:

Hormonal changes in the body make to get hot flashes in women during menopause. Women would feel a sudden chillness or a warm, sweating, redness in face and neck.

2.Mood swings:

Changes in the mood because hormones such as estrogens which reduce the performance of serotonin, it works as a mood regulator in the body. This lack of serotonin makes sudden changes in mood swings.

 Fast Fact: The Average age of menopause is 45 - 50 but perimenopause occurs at the age of 30 for few women.

3.Night sweats:

Night sweats are heavy sweating in night time during menopause. Night sweats occur due to the fluctuation of estrogens level in the body. The warm environment can cause night sweats in women at menopause stage. Keep your bedroom ventilated to avoid night sweats which tend to fall asleep.

4.Vaginal dryness:

Vaginal dryness during menopause stage, estrogen level would become low which causes the low moisture in the vagina and women would feel thin and elastic inner layer of the vagina.

5.Painful sexual intercourse:

While having sexual intercourse with their partner, the woman would feel more pain at the time of menopause stage because low Estrogen level reduces the blood flow to the vagina and also makes the dryness. It can be treated with natural female sex enhancer.

6.Anxiety and Depression in menopause:

The fluctuation in the estrogen level causes anxiety to the women. It also gives tension, stress, soreness, fatigue, and kind of emotional disorder. 

7.Postmenopausal bleeding:

Heavy bleeding after menopause is the tissue growing inside the uterus in women. Last one or two years you have had less menstrual periods than after going through menopause, some women have heavy bleeding.

8.Breast tenderness:

Breast tenderness occurs due to improper periods for the women which means hormone changes are not in a balanced level, before and after periods make breast tenderness, swelling, discomfort, heaviness, pain in the breast.

Fast Fact: For Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) is not recommended for all womens. HRT may increase the risk of heart diseases and breast cancer!


Weight gain is a problem faced by women due to menopause. It is also the reason for perimenopause in a woman. Decreasing metabolism which leads to perimenopause. Excess weight in the abdomen, thighs. weight loss after menopause can be done by taking diet and exercise.


Trouble getting deep sleep at night during menopause. Sleeping disorder is accompanied by anxiety and stress, night sweats due to the hormonal changes at menopause stage.

11.Low libido:

Low sexual interest in a woman due to decreasing in hormone level during menopause is called Low Libido. Low estrogen reduces the sensitivity of women during sexual intercourse and it makes women lack the interest to do sexual activity. It can be recovered by herbal supplements like natural female sexual enhancers.

Fast Fact: A woman may suffer urination feeling even for her sneezing and laughing!

12.Cardiac disease and low bone density:

Low estrogen levels in the body during menopause causes angina, heart attack. Increasing blood pressure, the rapid heartbeat is also the problem at menopause for women. Low bone density, which is the problem faced by women, is called Osteoporosis during and after menopause.

These menopause problems can be cured by the natural herbal supplements without side effects compared to other conventional treatments.

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